Our ServicES

Aircraft Disassembly

360-DMG’s end-of-life program is strategically designed to maximize high-value extraction from aircraft teardowns while complying with sustainable part-out / demolition practices and ensuring quick turnaround times for our partners.

Our specialized aircraft demolition service includes: 

  • Dedicated In-house Component Disassembly Experts
  • Serviceable/Unserviceable Engine & APU Removal
  • Certified Material Destruction 
  • On-Site Disassembly
  • 94% Metal Recovery 
  • 98% Precision in Component Traceability

Aviation Recycling

After completing full aircraft disassembly, our sustainability initiative takes centre stage as we embark on the journey of Upcycling® the components, taking them full circle from the end-of-life stage back to a start-of-life condition. We refer to this as the 360 closed-loop cycle.

Our specialized aviation recycling service includes: 

  • Material Analysis & Sorting 
  • Specialist Metal Recovery & Upcycling® 
  • Repurposing Unserviceable Components into Raw Material 
  • Partnerships with Repair Facilities 
  • Certification & Compliance of Serviceable Components
  • On-Site Material Management

Aftermarket Spares

360-DMG’s Aftermarket Sales Division plays a critical role in reintroducing these aircraft components / raw materials back into the aviation supply chain, marking another vital step in our sustainable cycle.

Our aftermarket spares service includes: 

  • Market Analysis & Forecasting 
  • Bespoke ERP/CRM Solutions 
  • Online Catalogue & E-Commerce Alliances 
  • Logistics, Reverse Logistics & Distribution  
  • Sourcing Clients & Hard-to-Find Components
  • Warranty & After-Sales Support 

Technical Services

360-DMG’s Technical Services offers a tailored support solution for our strategic partners, optimizing your operations by merging our deep industry knowledge and expertise with their unique vision and goals.

Our specialized technical services include: 

  • Skilled & Non-Skilled Staffing Solutions 
  • Certified CNC Operators 
  • Specialized Equipment Operators 
  • Quality Control Inspectors 
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Facility Management 
  • Safety Training 
  • On-Site Support & Field Services

Warehousing & Logistics

360-DMG’s all-in-one Warehousing & Logistics Solution is everything you’ll ever need, expertly managing logistics for MROs/OEMs.

Our specialized 3PL fulfilment service includes:

  • Global Upcycling®, Destruction and De-militarization Facilities
  • Just-In-Time Delivery Capability
  • 4-Tiered Secure & Climate-Controlled Storage
  • Collection, Consolidation & Logistics Network
  • Global Distribution Network 
  • Inventory Tracking & Real-Time Traceability System
  • Specialized Handling Equipment 
  • Quality Control Checks

Defense Articles

360-DMG’s prowess reaches far into the realm of defense articles, where we fully understand that precision, reliability, and security are not mere requirements but absolute imperatives. Our operations, ITAR-certified and meticulously compliant, embody our dedication to the highest standards of operational integrity, operational secrecy, and military readiness,

Understanding the unique and demanding nature of the defense sector, our operations adhere to the strict and rigorous protocols mandated by ITAR.

Our specialized defense services include: 

  • Specialized & Secured 4-Tiered De-militarization Facilities
  • Specialized Logistics System
  • ITAR Compliance 
  • Advanced Security Protocols 
  • Specialized Destruction Service
  • Secure Data Management 
  • Specialized Software Capability 
  • Client Confidentiality & Discretion